A review of 2017 for Ben Chai

Ben Chai, a successful charismatic business leader has enjoyed a remarkable 2017 which has seen him launch his 5th book “Social Magnetism” whilst appearing on numerous stages globally.

Ben’s latest book focuses on the norms anticipated in networking when attending events, providing a fascinating insight into how start-ups and young entrepreneurs dipping their toes in the water for the first time should treat them.

Within the book Ben introduces a friendlier and easier method for networking, one that could make these sort of events far less nerve-wracking for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Ben emphasises the need to create a value blueprint, to have an endearing personality that doesn’t come across as simply a sales pitch.

Throughout the year Ben has appeared on many platforms and even participated in a BBC programme called “The Week the Landlords Moved In” where he lived with his tenants and observed their lives as tenants. Alongside this Ben has appeared on numerous stages globally, including the 5-day annual JT Foxx Mega Success event in Los Angeles, where he was one of the MCs rapping to an audience of celebrities, millionaires and billionaires. The event featured the likes of Charlie Sheen and Mark Wahlberg and even saw Ben rapping with Vanilla Ice.

Ben is often regarded as the “Doctor Who of Business” something which given his love of comics and sci-fi, he is not averse to. His title owes to his efficiency when running a business, he has spoken across 70 countries to many thousands of people. Ben has worked with illustrious organisations such as NATO, Microsoft, IBM and Shell.

Currently he is on a mission across the world to educate underprivileged children and abused women in many issues including workplace ethics.

Notes to editors:

Chief editor of multiple printed and online media

Since 1998, Ben has been a well-respected writer, business broadcaster and television presenter for many of the major technology websites and magazines, producing articles, podcasts and videocasts for a variety of industries from dance to security and technology.

He is an author for five books and featured chapters in several other books.

His latest release is his book called “Social Magnetism”

You can benefit from Ben’s more recent exploits and insights on;

• Five years to Financial Freedom

• IT Portal

• Founder of Incoming thought Limited

Director at Global Propertunities

Propertunities was set up to help people understand and gain from my 30 years’ experience in property investing.

Consultant Director at LANIX

Founded in 1997, Lanix UK Limited has always had a focus on how to help customers grow their business through automation and systemisation of their business processes and protection of their digital assets.

Instagram: benchaiofficial

FB: BenInsightChai

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