Ben Chai’s book on networking is a thought-provoking read for business students

The successful business entrepreneur Ben Chai has released his latest book “Social Magnetism” which discusses how to treat networking events. It is an important read for young entrepreneurs, university and college students hoping to enter the business world. Ben within the book offers insights and advice accrued from his own mistakes and regrets when networking in the past.

College students who study business and wish to forge a career in it could find networking events daunting. They are often about flashing off skills and experiences that someone still in further education might yet not have developed. It can be an intimidating environment for a young person and make them decide against going.

Yet Ben’s book rolls back these norms and introduces a friendlier and easier method for networking, one that could make these sort of events far less nerve-wracking for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. In the book, Ben emphasises the need to create a value blueprint, to have an endearing personality that doesn’t come across as simply a sales pitch. Whilst the book is not confined to simply those entering the business world, it would be a reassuring read for young people who want to enter the business world but are unsure about how to sell themselves in such events.

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