Britain’s Rise In Homelessness Should Shame Us All

Against the tacit complicity of the government and the powerlessness of local councils, charities and community-organised ones have come together to fight. One example is the Newham based Lola’s Homeless who grew out of the despair at what was happening on their streets, leading them to recently having a Christmas fundraiser with donations given to them by a property businessman called Kam Dovedi.

It’s easy for us to think about them now we are in the Christmas season. This is the festival for generosity, for thinking of others. There’s always that nibbling sense of sadness that while we are tucked away in our warm homes with company, someone is freezing on the street alone. Perhaps we’ve seen them enough to have memorised their faces. And we are telling ourselves that when we donate a few coins or hot food that we do care that we are trying.

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