International Women’s Day By Kofi Sam Ghartey-Tagoe

History teaches us a lot. It has taught us that for decades, women have been battling to bridge the gap and force change in pursuit of gender parity. Emily Davison’s bold act in 1913 puts into perspective the passion and determination for gender equality, moreover, it shows the length of time women have been suffering in silence. History also shows us the impact of global influence as the women social movement in the west allowed Russian women to build up the courage and lead a demonstration for food and peace in 1917 on their own soil.

Now in 2018, women have the same ‘rights’ to contribute to society as men, however, Global Gender Gap reports show this may be an illusion that most have turned a blind eye to. With the help of the media, whether it be social or television, there has never been a more important time to collectively push for change. While it may go unnoticed to some, women have been utilising these media platforms, campaigning for change, and though it shows parity won’t happen overnight, it illustrates the gains made daily. From celebrities speaking up at the Oscars to the everyday woman pushing for change, we can all agree that right now, there is a resilient global movement of advocacy, activism and support.

The International Women’s Day campaign pushes us to use the momentum of this global movement to Press for Progress and this is at the heart of the work done by some of the Abstract PR family.

Our Founder, Am Golhar, is a strong advocate. As a British Asian woman, she has had to fight criticism and discrimination to be able to be the strong business woman she is today. Now, she is recognised as an influencer in the British Asian community. A good example and role model to all the young women who want to become entrepreneurs and business owners. Her journey sends out a message of the endless possibilities when hard work and consistency is practiced no matter the constraints of your environment.

Ben Chai, the ‘Doctor Who’ of business has contributed a lot of his efforts and time to helping women who have been abused. He is a selfless man who doesn’t like shying away from issues he sees. He has written an article on how women can move from an abused environment to being in a position to start their own business. In the article, he explains how the need for security is paramount and how to recognise different types of abuse. He also actively supports a number of movements i.e. Global Women and Girls in Movement.

Viola Edward, a mentor and clarity coach who has won several awards for her hard work is an advocate of the women empowerment movement. As a woman who broke free from her early turbulent experiences, she has now dedicated a portion of her time to empower women from whatever background or upbringing to accomplish and overcome obstacles. Viola supports and regularly contributes to the Women Appreciating Women campaign and by creating a sisterhood, she hopes will then be recognised nationally and globally to add to the momentum of this global movement.

Sukhi Wahiwala, the multi-millionaire business leader, is a humble man who believes that this country needs more women leaders. He is a man that is surrounded by 7 sisters (one in law), a mother and a wife. He has acknowledged that a lot of what he has learnt growing up has been from the feminine energy around him and has helped to shape his drive and humble nature. He has also stated that irrelevant of their sex, they are strong business entrepreneurs who have accomplished many things. Additionally, more than half of his client base are women and it fills him with joy knowing women are breaking barriers and pushing through in the business industry.

Social equality movements are always tricky because the most proactive advocators are the ones who belong to the community or have been directly affected. However, democracy means every voice matters and majority wins. If this movement carries on with this volume of global presence, we are sure to see improvements in gender parity.

As we draw to a close of International Women’s Day, it is important to remember that the theme should run all year, every day until we see a fairness in CEO positions, pay gaps and so on.

Happy International Women’s day.



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