Kam Dovedi

Kam Dovedi is one of the UK’s highly respected property leaders, experts and educators. His wealth of experience expands over 27 years in the business and property  sector that has allowed him to build a multi-million pound property portfolio.

His humbling infectious character along with his wealth of experience has allowed him to be an educator of knowledge in the property field.  His ethos is to evolve  individuals, wanting them to be a better version of themselves, to be able to empower them and to create a movement of financial freedom through property.

Kam’s own journey into  the property and business world began as an accident at the age of 18 when he was left with an abandoned house and mortgage that was put under his name to help another family.   With the family not being able to keep up with mortgage payments, Kam was left with the huge debt under his name.  Coming from an ordinary working class household in the East End  his family already struggled through hardships, he was determined to fight through and worked over 36 hours day and night to pay off the debt under his name.  Soon after Kam realised he could rent out the rooms which began  his journey to invest into another property.

Today Kam is a property investor, developer, educator, author and Keynote speaker having spoken across 200 speaker platforms,  mentored over 500 successful property developers, investors and entrepreneurs and has positively impacted over 10,000 individuals.

Kam is the founder of both the Premier Property Education and also the Premier Portfolio Builder – an award-winning service that actively buys between 10-17 property projects each month varying from buy to let to larger developments. It is also one of the fastest growing property portfolio building companies specifically in the south east of England.

His experience in the property sector has made him a published author, writing the book “Boost Your Pension and Income: the smart investor’s guide to creating a profitable property portfolio” which has been praised by leading experts.

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