Magnetise Success with the latest book on ‘Social Magnetism’ from the ‘DR Who of Business’

Ben Chai, a successful Global Business leader also known as the “Doctor Who of Business” has published his latest book called “Social Magnetism” and is giving ten copies away to ten lucky winners for the best answer of ‘What Social Magnetism means to them’.

Answers will be featured in all his social media and the top ten answers will also be eligible for a bonus video interview to be hosted on his educational website

Ben has impacted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in over 70 countries as an author, speaker and entertainer.

Have you ever wondered how people with a terrible product are successful while people with fantastic value-added products get nowhere? One foundational component is the connections you have. The focus of Social Magnetism is to help you create those connections whether you are trying to get a foot in the business world or whether you are already a business owner but aren’t getting the results they deserve.

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