My insightful View on why Social Media plays a vital role in PR By Kofi Sam Ghartey-Tagoe

Social Media is an integral part of Public Relations. Long gone are the days when media personnel relied solely on journalists to distribute their messages. Working as a social media assistant has given me an insightful view of the internet age that we are living in and the positive benefits it gives brands.

Engagement is the priority when dealing with social media. Content must be engaging for the audience to interact with the post. This cannot be done without a good understanding of the demographics of your audience. Once you have a good understanding of the audience, content must be regular. The brand must stay relevant and regular posts are a good way of doing so.

Social Media allows you to reach people who would have no idea about you. To be able to accumulate followers for your brand, you must be discoverable. Hashtags allow your posts to join a steady stream of conversations with the same hashtags. With hands on experience I’ve realised some likes in the posts I make comes directly from people who have discovered it because of a certain hashtag I used. So, this little tool is a powerful one because it is discovered by someone who can be a potential stakeholder to the brand.

Before I enrolled on my university course, I was told that the PR curriculum was going to change drastically from previous years. The course was going to be given a more artistic approach where we study creative processes and the digital landscape. This was the point I realised that the times I am living in has changed considerably and we must adapt quickly. In my euphoria, I was sure that this was the direction for me as I am naturally a creative person who is social media savvy.

Universities are now moulding students into creative PR practitioners which brings new excitement to the PR industries as bright, imaginative ideas will be formed to accommodate the large millennial audience that we see online. The aim of PR is to gain publicity with the least amount of money possible. Social media has given PR the perfect platform to make the industry flourish.

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