Nevşah F. Karamehmet

Nevsah Karamehmet is an Internationally recognised Spiritual Leader who combines her
expertise of Breath Coaching in her work to ignite others. With over twenty years of experience Nevsah has impacted over 100,000 plus individuals.

Having graduated in 1992 from ‘The American College Institute’ with a degree in Architecture, Nevsah decided to embrace her need to find emotional fulfilment by embarking on a path leading towards spiritual enlightenment. Her journey took her to India in 2003, where she began training in the art of breathing techniques and therapies. She quickly became a certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, after which she immediately began to share her knowledge with others. In 2004, she became the first person to introduce transformational breath to Turkey, where, extraordinarily, she succeeded in training more than 2000 people in the period between 2004 and 2008. During this period, she was awarded her ICF accredited life coaching certificate; she finished two professional speaker courses; she participated in The Landmark Forum in 2005; and undertook intensive training on rebirthing and quantum coaching techniques.

Having amassed a wealth of knowledge and deep-rooted understanding of a wide variety of breath and meditation therapies and teaching practices, Nevsah decided the time had come to fine-tune her skills. Her aim was to try to determine what would be the most effective breathing techniques for her students, and to revolutionise the world of breath coaching. So, in 2007, and in partnership with a group of psychologists and neuroscientists, she began the next stage in her journey towards
spiritual fulfilment, through the development of her very own, utterly unique, techniques and teachings. The result has been the founding of the ground-breaking NFS School of Life in Turkey.

The NFS School of Life embolden its pupils to fulfil their potential, through a truly revolutionary approach to breathing. This is inspired by Nevsah’s intuitive, and unrivalled, understanding of techniques in transformational breathing, holistic breathing, breathing therapy, rebirthing, quantum physics, life coaching and meditation . Since it was founded 11 years ago, as President of the School, Nevsah has helped more than 100,000 people through her programmes of seminars,
meetings, private sessions and workshops to help them forge their own authentic way through life in more spiritual and healthy manner.

But that was not to be the end of the journey. Driven by a ceaseless commitment to help people make the most of their lives by coming to a true understanding of their spiritual potential, Nevsah desired to spread her teachings around the world and use her techniques to bring emotional succour to a global audience in need of help. So, in
2015, she founded the International Breath Coaching Federation (‘IFCB’), bringing together nine other national foundations and their boards to transform the lives of many thousands more.

Under Nevsah’s presidency, the IFCB has already come to work with more than 100 non-governmental organisations, schools and businesses around the world. More recently, the IFCB has begun to work with behavioural science faculties in Turkey, the US, UK and across Europe with a view to building a two-year degree level academic course in breath coaching. That will inject further rigour into the discipline, enhance its global status and credibility, and provide a structure within which students who wish to study breath coaching in an academically serious way, to be
able to do so.

On addition to all of these exceptional achievements, Nevsah has published nine best-seller books and won numerous awards in recognition of her outstanding global contribution to the field of breath coaching. Today, Nevsah is indisputably one of the world’s leading authorities on “how breathing really affects our everyday lives.”

With the help of Nevsah and her expert team of breath coaches, you, too, will soon be able to connect with yourself at a much deeper level; exceed your emotional, psychological and physiological limits; and live a demonstrably healthier, happier and fulfilling life

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