Sukhi Wahiwala

Sukhi Wahiwala is known to openly share from stage his values as a Proud Father of 4, Husband,
Son and Brother to his Siblings.

As a renowned personality in his home town, he was schooled in business by his Parents, humbly
becoming a millionaire by 21, a Multi-Millionaire by 25 and financially free by 27. As a successful
down to earth Entrepreneur, his qualities and exceptional interpersonal skills and drive enabled
him to build an established business empire.

Since 2006 following a near death experience he has made it his life long mission to transform the
lives and business worlds of many.

As an AWARD WINNING Mentor, he has a uniquely magnetic personality that naturally gives
individuals belief to step out of the “daily grind and brain fuzz” into fun, balanced and exciting lives.

With his warm approachable demeanour, he brings his inner Circle of Clients one of the most
compelling skill sets, track histories plus knowledge and experience of over 27 different industry
sectors; combining these with 7 generations of family wisdom, psychology, science and integrity.
He has masterminded a unique methodology, to create, clear step by step Strategic Growth Plans,
reshaping the bottom line profit & stability of thousands of companies, Individuals, Start up Coaches and Consultants.

Sukhi feels privileged to have shared his knowledge in his modest appearances as the “GoTo
Person” on British Television, Radio, Educational Interviews and International Keynote Stages, which have honoured him with Inspiring online Testimonials and Results, from his clients.

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