Treena Maun

Treena Maun is an animal phobia healer.

I became involved in animal healing through one of my dogs Eskimeer Ero of Bowhinton, known as Baggins. He became very ill and when we rushed him to the vets we were told he had days to live, this was devastating as he was such a lovely young dog. A friend suggested we contact the famous animal healer Charles Siddell.

When we took Baggins to Charles, he said “I cannot save your dog but I can give him a better quality of life” and he did. Baggins lives another 18 months, and you would not have known there was anything wrong with him. When the time came that he rapidly deteriorated I did what we can to help our beloved pets and helped him pass over the rainbow bridge.

This opened my eyes to how much help healing could be, and a couple of years later I attended a course on How to be a Councillor. A group of us on the course wanted to stay in touch and one of the girls had a wide breath of knowledge suggested we meet up monthly to learn something new. I did say I loved courses.

She taught the group a little about healing, when I practised on a friend it had such a profound effect on her I wanted to learn more. I attended a 12 week course to explore healing in more depth at the College of Healing in Malven, this led on to a 2 year diploma course. The diploma included 4 separate 7-10 day, 12 hours a day intensive study breaks with real case studies.

This was 20 years ago and while working extensively with humans I realised my love of animals was taking over. So I know work with animals and their owners, predominantly dogs and horses.

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