Treena Maun

Treena Maun is an Animal Phobia Healer with over 50 years of experience working with animals.

Her love of animals started whilst she was very young, at the tender age of 6 years old where she participated in her very first dog show, with her grandmothers dog and walked away in first place as the winner. To date Treena has approximately participated in over 2,000 dog shows.  

Not only has she built a reputation as one of the UK’s recognised and knowledgeable Animal experts, she is also a multiple award winner where she has won prestigious awards such as the ‘Top Breeder Award’ for 8 years running and ‘Best in Show Animal’ in the UK Award.

Treena’s chapter in to healing started with her very own dog ‘Baggins’ who had been diagnosed with Kidney failure and was given days to live. Treena took him to an animal healer who was the late Charles Siddell. Siddell was a renowned animal healer with a great reputation. With his help, Baggins survived another 18 months.

With her love and understanding of animals, she decided to dedicate her life to working on healing animals and their owners performing miracle cures which even vets could not understand.  One case included a 28 year old horse where vets said he would not be getting better, but after just three healing sessions with Treena, vets were left amazed at his recovery as he survived a further few years.

In the last twenty years Treena has healed over 1,000 animals including eliminating phobia from individuals who have a fear of animals.

She has been sharing her knowledge via her talks and running her workshops on how to eliminate fear with animals and how to heal your own animal or others.

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